Monday, 3 November 2014

The future of database technologies is pretty interesting, actually.

There's a good article here (ZDNet) about the future of databases. Key points:-

  • It's not just about SQL and 'noSQL', it's about data applicability. I couldn't agree more! There's so much blather about whether SQL is better than 'noSQL', and it all completely misses the point.
  • Most of this technology is open source, in some form. That is truly the awesome bit. It means that anyone so inclined can learn this stuff, practice it, master it and do incredible things with it.
Why is this important? Because databases are at the root of everything online. All that personal data you store in the cloud? Photos, emails, facebook stuff... it's all on databases. A few years ago everything was relational databases. There were other types, but they were 'specialised' and usually pricey, or academic. The best relational databases were not free, either. Now it has all changed, and much for the better.